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time are prohibited under both the sunshine ordinance and the brown act. and i am going to go back because i think that some of the comments that i made earlier, were dismissed, rather than responded to. i personally have been in this chamber in the last year, when four times the same excuse was used to rearrange the ago ahead agenda, we have attorneys in here, they are expensive, it is not like it is a big surprise. >> if that is what your priority is, put them third rather than putting them somewhere else and rearranging at the last minute. in addition seven other times i have observed on sfgtv in the last year, whether that was done, that is 11 times, in one year. now, you have about 3 meetings a month in this chamber, others are held at different locations. that is about 36 meetings a year, which is pretty high percentage. all that i am saying is, when
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the public comes they should have an expectation that they can rely on your agenda, if you feel that the expense for the court reporters and the attorneys or whatever is so critical, why not just put it third on the agenda and take general public comment and let the public know we are going into closed session. rather than doing what you seem to do which is wait until the public shows up based on the agenda that was put out under the law and then simply say we have decided that we are going to rearrange it. >> it is not a surprise to you, you are all a bunch of intelligent people most of you are lawyers, if that is the thing that is critical to you then be honest about it. and when i bring up these comments, i see a bunch of eye rolling and a bunch of dismissiveness, i come here because i do know my rights under the sunshine ordinance, with the police department and the police commission and my complaints, i am six for six. i don't take complaints to the sunshine ordinance task force
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for giggles i do it because i watch you violate the law and i go there and i'm found to be right. and i think that it is a shame that any member of the public has to spend his or her time and come to public meetings and tell people who took a oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states that they don't have the right to stifle public comment or to deny access to public records. very frankly, east germans living in germany can go and see their stofy reports russians can look at their kgb reports and i cannot get a look at a report that was made for a visit to my house for the sfg, and that is ironic. >> any further public comment on this matter? >> commission comment? >> no. >> public comment is now closed. >>
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>> please call item number ten. >> we have to vote on nine >> let's vote on nine. >> the vote to elect whether to disclose anything on item eight. san francisco, code section 67-12 a. action. >> just for the record before we vote. this is only the second time that i have actually had to do that to move a disciplinary matter or a personnel matter up. it is a sensitive issues and we did it for a lot of reasons. and it was perfectly permissible to do so and it was done so with the advice of the city attorney. so, i believe accuracy in what the people report to the commission and say in front of the commission and sometimes that is lost. so do i have a vote? >> aye. >> aye. >> all in favor. >> please call line item number ten. >> item ten. >> adjournment. >> a motion? >> i so moved. >> second. >> thank you. push
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>> in january everything changes. all of san francisco's parking meters will now be enforced 7 days a week. feeding the meter 7 days a week reduces parking demand in commercial corridors and for most faster turn over of the parking spaces. the muni system has improved for sunday. learn more about 7 day meters at
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. >> golden gate parks largest body of water ska great labor for scrolling and picnicking and both miking which can both be rented at the boat house and the lakewood design for leisure boatings and carriages and a treasure trove passing hunting ton water falls two bridges connect the strawberry island and inclient to the hills the highest upon the in golden gate park and more than free hundred feet and you can catch glimpses
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will from the city at the top of a romantic look out and for (music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here.
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we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts,
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it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra. you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play. msk(music)
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>> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very early, young vibrant mendelson; fabulous opener and then you have this fabulous concerto written for us in the orchestra. is our gift. msk(music) >> and then you have strauss, extraordinary piece. the most challenging of all.
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string orchestra work. 23 solo instrument, no violin section, now viola section; everybody is responsible for their part in this piece. the challenge is something that i felt not only that we could do , absolutely could do, but i wanted to show off. i can't tell you how aware i am of the audience. not only what i hear but their vibes, so strong. i have been doing this for a long time. i kind of make them feel what i want them to feel. there is nobody in that audience or anywhere that is not

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